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The Glorious 12th


The Glorious 12th is an expression referring to the 12th August, the start of the shooting season, beginning with Red Grouse.  For some quarry, such as wood pigeon and rabbit,  there is no 'shooting season'; they can be shot legally throughout the year. But for some it's illegal to shoot them during the close season.  The close season is essential for game populations to flourish, as the close shooting season allows them to breed and move between breeding and wintering grounds.

On occassion, when The Glorious 12th lands on a Sunday, the date is brought back a day and the season will start on the 13th.

Plan your game bird season with our shooting season dates guide below;


QUARRY SPECIES Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb
Red Grouse (England, Wales & Scotland)  12th        10th    
Red Grouse (Northern Ireland)  12th      30th      
Common Snipe (England, Wales & Scotland)  12th          31st  
Common Snipe (Northern Ireland)    1st        31st  
Black Grouse (England, Wales & Scotland)*  20th        10th    
Grey Partridge (England, Wales & Scotland)    1st          1st
Grey Partridge (Northern Ireland)    1st        31st  
Red-legged Partridge (England, Wales & Scotland)    1st          1st
Red-legged Partridge (Northern Ireland)    1st        31st  
Duck & Goose Inland (England, Wales, Scotland & NI)   1st        31st  
Duck & Goose below high water mark (England, Wales, Scotland)    1st          20th
Duck & Goose below high water mark (Northern Ireland)    1st        31st  
Golden Plover (England, Wales, Scotland & NI)    1st        31st  
Coot / Moorhen (England, Wales & Scotland)    1st        31st  
Pheasant (England, Wales & Scotland)      1st        1st
Pheasant (Northern Ireland)      1st      31st  
Woodcock (England, Wales, Scotland & NI)      1st      31st  

* Somerset, Devon, and New Forest: Sep 1st - Dec 10

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