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Leather Lined Wellingtons

Deluxe lined wellies from Hunter, Aigle and Le Chameau. These premium boots are the 'Rolls Royce' of wellington boots - usually used for shooting but suitable for general purpose use for anyone who wants the best that money can buy.

These lined wellies are constructed from quality rubber outers, like the majority of premium wellingtons. Where they stand out is that they are lined in premium quality leather which is extremely comfortable and highly practical. A great insulator, leather lined wellies are warm enough for the winter but tend not to overheat your feet in warmer weather. Also, the natural finish of leather tends to minimise sweating, something that can sometimes be a problem with neoprene lined boots during warmer weather.

The Aigle Prestige and the Le Chameau Chasseur are both hand made boots so you can be sure you are getting the best quality finish available. They both have full length zips that are a great feature but sometimes do put people off, without any real justification. Zip up boots are totally waterproof and leaking through the zip is almost unheard of as there is a fully waterproof gusset behind the zip. Problems with the zip can occur if it is neglected and allowed to clog with mud - but simply rinsing the zip and periodically lubricating it will mean it will last for years. Click one of our leather lined wellies below to see more product info. "

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