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Clothing Terms Glossary


Your guide to clothing terms, fabrics and phrases...


A composite, suede like material composed of 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane. The desirability of this fabric is due to it's exceptional durability and easy maintenance whilst retaining a luxurious appearance.

Action Back A feature of sporting jackets, additional pleating and shaping are built into the shoulders of the jacket to give more room and ease of movement.
Antique Wax Antique wax is a medium weight waxed cotton which is heavily calendered.  The resulting lustrous and glossy finish is designed to change character with wear.
Articulated Sleeve An articulated sleeve allows more room around the underarm so that the jacket sleeve will not ride up even when the arm is fully outstretched.
Buggy Lining A partial lining, usually covering a third or a half of the top part of the jacket. A floating buggy will be untaped on the bottom edge of the lining.
Cotton Jersey A general term for a plain knit fabric without a distinct rib. Fabric with a smooth, flat face and textured but uniform back is created by the consistent interloping of yarns in the jersey stitch.


The brand name of a synthetic, leather-like material, versions of which are produced that simulate suede and top grain leather. Unlike real leather it is washable and retains its softness when wet. It is microscopically perforated to give breathability similar to that of natural leather.


CoolMax ®

CoolMax is a performance fabric which includes a fibre-based moisture management system. The system moves moisture away from the body and through the fabric where it can quickly evaporate.


Developed by DuPont, Cordura is an abrasion resistant, air-textured nylon fabric created to provide durability and strength, lightness and easy care. Even the lightest Cordura fabric has twice the abrasion resistance of similar standard nylon, and three times its tear strength.

This heavyweight, 8oz waxed cotton is densely woven and has been emmerised to give a slightly peached and luxurious finish. This fabric's character improves with wear and age.

DWR (Durable Water Repellent)

A fabric coating which encourages surface water to bead and run off, reducing both the weight and drying time of the garment.
Dripstrip A strip of waterproof material on the bottom, inside hem of a jacket or garment to ensure that drops of water running down the outside of the garment fall off as drips and do not wet the lining.


Described as the world's most durable waterproof and 100% windproof, breathable fabric, promising guaranteed satisfaction. It is increasingly used as a lighter, thornproof alternative to tweed in sporting garments.

Intarsia A design created by knitting coloured yarns on both sides of a fabric. Intarsia designs are usually isolated motifs rather than repeat patterns.
Lightweight Stretch Technical Tweed Featured in the Musto range of sporting garments this material combines Cheviot and Worsted wools with a polyamide filament (2%) which increases tensile strength and reduces the tweed's capacity to absorb water. 3% Lycra is added to provide additional stretch and the yarns undergo twisting and scoring to increase resilience and the fabric is finished with a Teflon coating to further reduce water absorption and staining. Garments in this range are finished with a waterproof drop-liner to ensure waterproof integrity.

Machine Washable Tweed

Musto's Machine Washable Tweed, developed with their Scottish Mill, is the result of a plasticising process which coats the fibres of the wool and makes them smooth and flexible, rather than coarse and stiff. This consolidates the cloth and the original handle, colour and shape are maintained when washed at 30ºC.
Merino Wool

A luxurious, warm and natural wool from the Merino sheep. It is 100% natural, biodegradable and sustainable.

Microfibre Microfibre technology creates fibres which weigh less than 1.0 denier. The fabrics produced from these extra-fine fibres provide gentle drape and incredible softness. Microfibres are two times finer than silk and eight times finer than wool.

Pigment Garment Dyed

Garments are treated with pigment dyes which are specifically designed to fade gradually with each wash, resulting in a weatherworn appearance.


Milledwax is a luxurious brushed wax cotton which is passed slowly and carefully over emery rollers to produce a fine, soft, suede-like finish. 
Moleskin 100% cotton, brushed to produce a fabric which is soft, warm and strong.
Pima Cotton A high quality, very strong and extra long staple cotton, named after the native Americans who first cultivated it. Pima cotton is widely regarded as one of the most superior cotton blends.
Piping A narrow fold of fabric in a seam to add decorative detailing to a garment. The design or colour of the piping usually contrasts with that of the rest of the garment.
Pique A durable woven or knitted fabric, usually cotton, which is characterised by an allover textured pattern of raised, parallel cords or fine ribbing.
Placket An opening in the neck or sleeve of a garment.
Polyurethane A man-made synthetic polymer fibre which is used as a waterproof coating on fabrics.
Poplin A durable fabric with a plain, tight weave, which features a crosswise rib to create a slight ridge effect.
Raglan Sleeve A sleeve construction where the underarm seam of the sleeve is extended up to the neckline at both the front and back.
Satin Wax

a 6oz waxed cotton which has been heavily calendered to give a smooth and highly polished effect.  The resulting finish is extremely durable and is suitable for all weather. 


Barbour's oldest and more traditional waxed cotton. The 'unshorn' cotton is dyed and waxed and the fabric's natural characteristics are reflected in the rich colour and finish. The fabric has a matte appearance and a drier handle than the Thornproof. It is available in three weights; 4oz, 6oz and 8oz.


This lustrous wax has a deep colour and even touch. The dyed cotton is calendered between rollers, producing a clean, smooth finish which may appear shinier than Sylkoil. Originally designed to protect the wearer from sharp thorns and brambles, it is available in 6oz.



Twill Weave

A basic weave which constructs cotton fabrics by interlacing warp and filling yarns in a progressive alternation which creates a diagonal effect on the face of the fabric.


The water resistance of fabric is measured by the amount of water, in mm, which can be suspended above the fabric before the water seeps through. For fabric to be considered fully waterproof it must be able to withstand the pressure of a column of water 1000mm high without leaking.


The shaped section around the shoulders and top part of a shirt or jacket.