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Barbour Thornproof Dressing

Barbour Thornproof Dressing

Code: UAC0001MI11-P

For reproofing waxed cotton and Sylkoil Barbour jackets

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For reproofing waxed cotton garments. Suitable for Traditional Waxed Cotton and Sylkoil. 200ml.


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8 June 2019
Does exactly what it says
Follow all the steps in the instructions and your Barbour jacket will be ready to face the elements again . Best to do it on a warm day for the jacket to absorb the wax better
25 May 2019
Excellent service
Very quick and excellent service. The product is as described
24 March 2019
great product, great service.
I have a number of jackets that will require reproofing once the weather is warmer. I also have a hotplate to warm the pan of water that will have the tin in and keep the wax liquid for spreading on the jacket. I find this better than having to run back and forth to the kitchen to re-heat the wax. The wax goes on well with a dense sponge and is easily absorbed by the jacket. If the weather is very hot, the jacket can be hung outside and the sun will help the wax soak in. It provides a very good waterproofing medium for the jackets.
18 March 2019
Wonderful just the job
Used this to re waterproof a waxed jacket. Wax goes liquid very quickly just had to keep the water hot. Easy to apply. Used the hairdryer as recommended and coat looks as good as new . And is waterproof again which is the main idea!
16 October 2018
Good product
I used this on my 1 year old bedale olive jacket sylkoil jacket. Having done research it advised to use the thornproof dressing. I like the finish its given, a bit more of a wet look then how it was off the rack. No complaints looks like a great finish and I prefer it- im sure it will keep the elements out.
7 June 2018
Does what it says on the Tin
If you have an "Oldish" Barbour (mine 20+ yrs) this is what you need to re-vitalise the product. Take your time; follow the instruction and DON'T skip the final step of using the Hair Dryer to give a great finish. By the way.... Contrary to Barbour's instructions I DID put my jacket in the Washing Machine (cold wash; gentle spin but NO dry; hang up to dry naturally). Washed it using an Australian "Oilskin Detergent" Available from Aussie Know How ( )
22 May 2018
Great product, great service
Good price and very fast delivery . Pretty painless to apply. I did the hot hair dryer technique for a smooth and consistant /brand new finish (a hot hair dryer is also good for quickly remelting the tin of wax too !
20 May 2018
Quality of service
1st rate service. Quality operators.
8 May 2018
Does what it says on the tin
30 April 2018
Tin of wax
I'm not sure this wax is any different from other brands, but the tin is a nice colour. The regal crests normally add $$$ to the price, but this was very reasonable and it arrived the next day, so I am a very happy customer.
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